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1.1. Nautilus Virtual Desktop for FlankSpeed (NVD) FAQ

Last updated: Mon Mar 2024 01:07 PM (EDT)

Nautilus Virtual Desktop (NVD)

Q: What is Nautilus Virtual Desktop (NVD)? 

A: Nautilus Virtual Desktop (NVD) is an alternative to an NMCI machine - it can be added to any computer/device with a CAC reader and provides the user with, basically, a virtual portal to the NMCI network. Many CRL employees have already acquired NVD accounts. 

Q: How do I get a Nautilus Virtual Desktop (NVD) account

A: Anyone with a Flank Speed account can request an NVD account by submitting a request using the link here:

Microsoft Forms (apps.mil)

***Note: You must use your FlankSpeed account to access and complete the NVD request form.*** 

 Account creation can take 1-3 days, depending on current demand levels.

Q: Can I send and receive encrypted emails using NVD on my CRL PC? 

A: Yes! NVD does solve the email encryption issue by allowing the user to get into an NMCI environment, so they can read and send encrypted emails back and forth with those on NMCI machines. 

Q: How do I install NVD on my CRL PC? 

A: Check the attachment on this FAQ for installation instructions. 

More information about the Navy's implementation of NVD can be found here: Nautilus Virtual Desktop is a game changer > Program Executive Office Digital and Enterprise Services > News (navy.mil)


For those of you who have the Nautilus Virtual Desktop (NVD) as a portal to the NMCI network, I'm sharing this as a potential solution to an error you may run into. 


If you ever see something like the attached or if you have issues signing in and receive an error stating “Something went wrong, we couldn’t sign you in” May produce a generic error code of ‘CAA20002’, here is a solution:




Contact the NMCI Helpdesk for application assistance: NMCI Helpdesk (basedirectory.com)

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