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1.2. DoD Email FAQ

Last updated: Fri Feb 2024 04:10 PM (EST)

Frequently asked questions regarding DoD Email on a CRL asset

Q: How do I read encrypted e-mails from a DoD source on my CRL PC?

A: Email encryption continues to be a challenge in Flank Speed.

FlankSpeed Email Encryption Status:

If an encrypted email is sent from Outlook Web Access (OWA), it can be read on OWA.

If an encrypted email is sent from the Outlook client of an NMCI user/computer, it must also be read on the Outlook client/program of an NMCI computer.

Example: If someone on an NMCI computer sends an encrypted email using their Outlook program and the recipient tries to open it on a contractor PC using OWA, they may have an issue – it’s a known issue they are working to resolve. There are no updates for a solution as of 21 Feb 2024. 


- Ensure that your "@us.navy.mil" address is associated with your CAC may solve a few issues. *Some users had @navy.mil addresses when their accounts were created and if those addresses are still associated with their CAC, it will cause issues. CRL IT recommends confirming at the Pass Office that your "@us.navy.mil" is the one that is assigned to your CAC.

Q: Are there any approved workarounds?

A: See the NVD information here: Nautilus Virtual Desktop for FlankSpeed (NVD) FAQ (helpspot.com)


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