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1.2. CRL Password (Self Service)

Last updated: Thu Apr 2024 06:50 PM (EDT)

Follow this guide to change your CRL-H password:

Go to: https://office.com

Click the "Sign In" link and login using your email address ( LastFM@crltechnologies.com)

In the upper right corner of your O365 instance, click on your initials (or avatar) to open this menu then click "My Account":

In the next menu, select "Password": 

You can change your password here.

Passwords must follow the following complexity requirements:
  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Must contain 3 out of 4:
  1. An Uppercase Letter
  2. A Lowercase Letter
  3. At least one Number (0-9)
  4. A Special Character (e.g. $,!,#,%)
** If you forget your password and need a reset, please contact the IT helpdesk.**
When changing your password:
1) Your password cannot be one of the last 24 passwords 
2) You can only change your password once per day 

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