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2.2. CRL Password Policy

Last updated: Fri Jan 2024 11:32 AM (EST)

Password Protection Policy

a.     Written Passwords ' passwords must not be written or stored around the computer or work area and should be stored in a secure location, such as a locked drawer or a safe 

b.     Electronically Stored Passwords ' passwords must not be stored in plain text, in unencrypted files on personal computers or shared drives

c.     Password and Account Sharing

 Password and account sharing are strictly prohibited

 Users are held responsible for actions resulting from a password shared intentionally

 Options for users needing to share computer-resident data include email, public directories on local area network servers and online file sharing (e.g., Box)

 Support technicians may require a user's password to troubleshoot a problem with a workstation or application

 Users must confirm the identity of the technician prior to providing him or her a password

 Upon resolution of the problem, users must reset their password

d.     Password Compromise

Promptly change any password whose security status has come under question (known or suspected)

How to Create a Strong Password 
To protect your account from cyberattacks, create a strong password that’s hard to guess.

How? Start by making your password long — aim for at least 12 characters.

Of course, a long password can be hard to remember. You may find it easier to use a passphrase — a series of words separated by spaces. But make sure that your passphrase consists of random words. Avoid using common phrases, song lyrics, or movie quotes that are easy for a hacking program to guess.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CRL Technologies Inc. does not allow the transmission of passwords across unencrypted networks.
Please contact the CRL IT Helpdesk for assistance.

Follow this guide to change your CRL-H password:

Go to: https://office.com

Click the "Sign In" link and login using your email address ( LastFM@crltechnologies.com)

In the upper right corner of your O365 instance, click on your initials (or avatar) to open this menu then click "My Account":

In the next menu, select "Password": 

You can change your password here.

Passwords must follow the following complexity requirements:
  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Must contain 3 out of 4:
  1. An Uppercase Letter
  2. A Lowercase Letter
  3. At least one Number (0-9)
  4. A Special Character (e.g. $,!,#,%)
** If you forget your password and need a reset, please contact the IT helpdesk.**
When changing your password:
1) Your password cannot be one of the last 24 passwords (Password History)
2) You can only change your password once per day (Minimum password age)

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