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1.1. CRL Account - First Time User Log In

Last updated: Fri Jan 2024 11:33 AM (EST)

Before you start, please have your cellphone available and a QR code reader app (if necessary).

To log into your CRL 0365 account follow these steps:

- Open the Microsoft EDGE web browser:

and navigate to: https://www.office.com/

- Click "Sign in":

- Enter your CRL email address and click "Next":

- Enter your password (Contact the IT department or your team lead for your initial login password)

     Enter Password Again ...       

Token Users: 

If you are using ONLY a THALES token

Click "Enter a Passcode" then simply enter the code displayed on the token and click "Log In"


Your TOKEN is now verified.


TOKEN verification is complete, however, if wish to add your mobile device click "Add another Device" and continue with the steps below.

If using a Mobile Device:

- Start the 2FA (DUO) setup

- Select "Mobile Phone" as your preferred contact method and click continue:

- Enter your phone number in the space, check the box, and click "Continue"

Choose your phone type :

Install the "DUO" App from App Store or Play Store

Open Duo App >> Choose "Add" >> Use QR Code

Use phone camera to scan the QR code 

Green Check Mark indicates Scan was successful

Additional Settings: - Keep "Ask me to choose an authentication method" option 

Click "Continue"

Successful enrollment:


1) Click "Send Me a Push" (see above)

2) The "Request ID" is sent to your phone to verify the Push notification (eg. 9ZQV)

This is a screenshot of a Push notification on an iPhone (note Request ID matches)

Click "Approve" to continue.

- For more information on setting up DUO on your Android device:


- For more information on setting up DUO on your iOS:


View and Accept The CRL Technologies Terms of Use

- You may see the following warning:

Follow the  Keep Account Secure prompts to up your Authentication Phone and email:

Authentication Phone = Enter the number you wish to use for authentication purposes. Once you enter a number, choose one of the options "Text Me" or "Call Me" 

NOTE - Do NOT choose the "Text Me" option if you've entered a phone number that cannot receive texts (landline). 



 Authentication Email = Enter a non-CRL email address that you have real-time access to. You'll be emailed a link to click to complete this process. Use a PERSONAL email address that you have access to. DO NOT USE A CRL EMAIL ADDRESS. (In the event that you are locked out, you won't be able to get to the CRL email to verify your request.) 

Click NEXT ... 

- Click next to acknowledge and sign into your account again:


- Complete the 2FA process by selecting "Send me a Push" and accepting on your mobile device or if you are using a token select "Enter a Passcode":

- You can click "Yes" on the next prompt asking if you'd like to stay signed in:

- You'll be prompted to sign in one last time. Once you sign in you'll see the 0365 home page:

The office applications are on the left side of the page. You can open Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. from here. 

For a quick start guide on using CRL H, please download the document found here: 

CRL-H Quick Start Quide (helpspot.com)


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