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1.3. Microsoft Teams FAQ

Last updated: Fri Feb 2024 01:44 PM (EST)

Frequently asked questions regarding CRL Teams and DoD Teams

Q: Can I use CRL-H Teams to attend a DoD meeting ?

A: As of 9 Jan 2024, the CRL-H local TEAMs application WILL NOT be available with dual CRL and DoD (FlankSpeed, Army 365, etc.) logins. This means your best bet is to use the TEAMS web version for your DoD Teams meetings. 

- The best way to accomplish this is to open an "InPrivate" browser in Edge, log into your DoD account then launch TEAMs in your browser.


Although the CRL IT Team added the Navy and Army domains to CRL's TEAMs whitelist, we are still waiting on and researching Microsoft's GCCH federation timeline.







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