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6.2. CRL Conference Calls Setup through ZAC

Last updated: Wed Feb 2023 02:00 PM (EST)

CRL Conference Call Using ZAC

If you don’t have ZAC installed on your PC, please request the application installed by contacting the IT Team through HelpSpot:https://crl.helpspot.com/


To make a conference call, open the ZAC app on your CRL PC:

Use your CRL login credentials to log into ZAC:

NOTE: Username MUST be all lowercase.

Note: Ensure “Use Windows Credentials” is unchecked (Slider to the left)

**Note**  If you are the HOST and may need to leave the conference before it is over, please uncheck the "End call on host leave" option shown above.  This is option is most used by Schedulers that Start meetings and then leave to perform other duties, or start additional meetings.

To create a conference:

  1. Click the Conference icon.
  2. Click Schedule.
  3. Enter the conference name, frequency (type), date, time, duration*. 
    • Leave Web Collaboration at NONE 
    • *Duration is for scheduling purposes only, the call will NOT end after the number of minutes selected.
  4. Set the "End call on host leave" option as appropriate 
  5. Click Save and Invite. An e-mail template (aka. Meeting Maker) with the conference information will be presented. Enter the desired recipients and send the e-mail.
  6. OR click Save to create the conference without sending invites.

Example of Outlook calendar invite:

To start the conference:

  1. Click the desired conference.
  2. Click the start icon  
  3. The audio will be connected.
  4. NOTE: Music will play if only one participant is in the meeting.

You can mute or disconnect participants as the conference owner once the conference is started.

Click the icon to display the Participants menu.

Click Participants:

Once a conference is created, you are able to start, edit, invite users, or delete the conference.

NAVAIR Support:

In order to set up a reoccurring conference, ELIGIBLE users need to contact the NAVAIR National Help Desk. The help desk schedules the conference, after the conference is set up they receive the meeting maker including a dial-in number and conference ID number.


NAVAIR National Help Desk Contact Info


Phone: 301-342-3104  or  1-888-292-5919

E-mail: nav_helpdesk.fct@navy.mil

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