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5.1. OneDrive

Last updated: Thu Feb 2024 02:45 PM (EST)

Your personal files and storage will be in Microsoft OneDrive. 

OneDrive for CRL Technologies users is a secure online storage space in the cloud provided for individually licensed users at CRL. OneDrive lets you share files, collaborate on documents, and sync files to your CRL computer.

Most of your files will automatically sync with OneDrive, including files located on your desktop.

Additionally, this will be the default storage spot for your Microsoft applications:






To open OneDrive: 

- You can get to OneDrive by clicking on the file explorer icon on your desktop:

or by typing "OneDrive" in the search bar:


- Once open, you can navigate to OneDrive in the left pane:

- Once open, you can navigate to OneDrive in the left pane:

Using OneDrive:

Use OneDrive like you would any other folder:


.zip Files

- The OneDrive web interface does not support unzipping .zip files. However, you can use the OneDrive Desktop application to sync with your computer and be able to open .zip files.

- If you have already synced your OneDrive Desktop application with your computer, you can extract the files by right-clicking on the zipped file in the OneDrive folder on your computer, selecting “Extract All”, and then it will be unzipped.



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