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20.4. Encrypting Email Handshake in Outlook 2016

Last updated: Fri Mar 2021 02:13 PM (EST)

These steps will allow you to send and receive an encrypted email in Outlook 2016 on your CRL PC after you have been issued an encryption certificate from the CRL IT team.

**You'll need to do this for each user you'd like to send and receive encrypted email **

Step 1: Send the user a SIGNED email and ask them to send you a SIGNED one back.

Step 2: Right-click on the user's email address, from the SIGNED email and Add to Contacts. 

Step 3: Ask the user to do the same on their end.

You should now be able to send and receive encrypted email.


1) During Step 2, if you already have the person in your Contacts, you should be asked to "Update" the Contact, because you are adding the Certificate to the Contact information.  

2) On rare occasions, the existing Contact will not update properly (i.e. Cert is not saved/updated). To resolve this, simply delete the Contact from your Outlook and then repeat Step 2 to recreate the Contact, which will include the Cert from the signed email.

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